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the company

Quantum Dust is an Argentinian-Polish contemporary circus company based in Barcelona, Spain. Freshly formed, Quantum Dust has premiered its first number –Milkyway– in April 2018.

On stage they are led by a common idea, to find the perfect blend between the technique creativity and beauty. The company specializes in (but is not limited to) aerials, dance and physical theatre.

Freshly emerged Quantum Dust was formed as a result of a chance encounter between Charo and Monika at a creation workshop (Anatomia d'un Espectacle) in L’Estruc, Sabadell. The two worked together during the 3 weeks long workshop, quickly found a common language and realised that the connection and the ease of work they share is a treasure. Quantum Dust was born.

Charo and Monika, both have restless souls of travelers, nomads; nationalities, borders or synthetic cultures are not part of their game; they share an enormous curiosity, they are attracted to unknown spaces, they both have the same need to move (whether it’s dance or travel) and to explore; putting their creativity in motion nourishes them. No wander then, that in their first creation (The Milkyway) they turn into post-apocaliptical astronauts and set on a transgalactic voyage!

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