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A hyperactive child started riding a bike before she could walk, skiing at the age of 4, judo at the age of 6 and dance at the age of 9. This last one she never quit.

The circus career begun with fire spinning and street performing. However before becoming a circus artist for good, she has also been a street artist, fire performer, a long distance hitchhiker, a molecular biologist, a pirate, a jewellery artist, and a certified reflexologist.

In the autumn of 2013 she entered Esquela Internacional de Circo y Teatro CAU in Granada, Spain where she specialised in static and dance trapeze.

Trapeze as a skill brings her back to childhood carefree freedom. She looks for adrenaline, joy, and of course to combat the gravity, and for a split second, to fly. This pure thrill and joy, which she derives from dangling and spinning upside down, is in the essence, what she wants to share with her public.

Nowadays based partly based in Barcelona partly in Scotland, she continues investigating, searching new moves and own style on the dance trapeze. And continues working on new projects and numbers.

Part time a nomad, she lived in various countries, and travelled through many. Speaks 4 languages with various degrees of fluency. The mix of different cultures and experiences that forms most significant part of her education, left her a colourful mosaic of many useful, sometimes unrelated skills and abilities.

charo diaz

Considering the body as the main communication tool of multiple possibilities, she seeks to refine it with a wide range of disciplines that keep her active and in a constant state of transformation.

Since she was a child, she felt the need to create and share new possible realities. His first memories involve costumes, contemplation of the surrounding space and poetry. These are in the essence what she brings and shares on stage.

She trained as a dancer in Pei-Mei (Buenos Aires-Argentina) where she acquired knowledge of classical dance, hip-hop, contemporary and jazz but her travels and curiosity also involved her in African, tap dance, contact improvisation and butoh.

Her first steps in theater genre, she took in a musical comedy and over the years she became her interest turned to the physical methods of Tadashi Zuzuki and View Points as well as clown.

On her travels she discovered world of circus, it took her to circus conventions all over the Europe as well as Sudan. It is at the conventions where she developed her object manipulation skills, beginning with juggling (Fire and light) as well as aerial and floor acrobatics.

Her fascination with the blending of different arts also led her to work on fusion projects with multimedia arts (Video-dance, mapping and photography).

She is currently studying performing at the Laboratorio Escuela de Jessica Walker in Barcelona. And her main research focus is presence, showing her truth in sincere communication with the public and space.

To dance the mirror of a glance, the texture of the clouds and the ephemeral sound of the passing train.

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